Monday, October 21, 2013

Spider Halloween Nail Art

Why would I put the creepiest nastiest insect on my nails? Well, it makes for good Halloween nail art. I know I've been slacking on nail art lately, but I've had to get swatches done. But I hope you guys like this! These are perfect for Halloween. I used "Day Glow" from Serum No.5 and just a black striper polish & a dotter to make the webs and spiders. This looks so cool! It's a little messy but I still love it.

And the best part....IT GLOWS!! I usually have such a hard time capturing glow in the dark polishes but this one glows so bright it was a piece of cake. This is completely unedited or enhanced. Just the straight power of Day Glow.

What are you guys going as for Halloween? Leave it in a comment below. I'm gonna be a scarecrow!

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