Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rain City Lacquer - Milk & Macarons Collection

I don't think you guys are ready for all this cuteness! Today I will be showing you the Milk & Macarons Collection from Rain City Lacquer. These have easily become some of my favorite polishes. I love every single one so much! You can achieve opacity with these on their own but I have paired them all over complementing undies to conserve product because that's how much I love them. And the formulas are fantastic. A good shake or set them upside down for a couple minutes and the glitters disperse. No fishing required. The hearts come out quite easily. These all contain the same mixture of glitters. A mix of pastel glitters, black dots and black hearts! Each polish has a different milky colored base. Are you guys ready??? Here we go!

A milky mint green base. Here is two coats over Rimmel "Mintilicious" plus topcoat. Amaaaaazing!!!! This one is currently sold out but Rica is working on a restock. 

A sheer milky white base. Here is two coats over white. I could wear this everyday for the rest of my life!

A light pink milky base. Here is two coats over OPI "Mod About You" plus topcoat. Seriously? Is there a better combination than this? Ah, I can't take it!

A milky lavender base. Here is two coats over Rimmel "I Lilac You" plus topcoat. Blackberry Macaron on it's own is not this purple. It's definitely more sheer.

Rica really hit it out of the park with this collection. They're something I've never seen before. So cute and girly which is my favorite!! And such a cute theme as well! There needs to be one in every color! lol. You HAVE TO HAVE these! You can get them at! Also be sure to follow on Instagram @raincitylacquer for shop updates, new releases, sneak peeks, and more swatches! 

DISCLAIMER: Milk/Strawberry Milk & Macarons were purchased with my own money at full price. Minty/Blackberry Macaron were sent to me for the purpose of review. These are my 100% honest oppinons. I was not compensated in any way nor am I affiliated with Rain City Lacquers.


  1. Can't decide which one I like the most, love them all!♥

    1. There's no way I could choose either. They are all soooooo pretty!!!


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