Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Barbie Barf + Glossy Glam Mini Review

Before we get into the Glossy Glam review, let's talk about Barbie Barf! The wonderful Shaneka creator of Polish My Life offered to create a custom polish for a very special something I have coming! And she also gifted Glossy Glam to me. Anyways, I designed a hot highlighter pink jelly polish with a subtle silver micro glitter and I named it Barbie Barf. Why you may ask? I imagine Barbie to be made up of hot pink gooey goodness and sparkle, so I ran with it and this is what we got. lol. This currently is NOT for sale but a very small quantity may be in the works.

Barbie Barf is a very sheer, very squishy jelly! It can be layered over different undies for a more opaque look. But here I have applied three coats to really show the squishyness plus Glossy Glam topcoat which we will get to later.

It dries to a semi matte finish which I also love. Pictured here is three coats no topcoat.

Glossy Glam  was created by Justricarda. She has an array of items in her shop. There have been many mixed reviews about Glossy Glam. Some of the main issues being dry time and smearing. Although GG makes no claims to be a fast drying topcoat, who has the time or patience to sit around and wait for their polish to dry? Well, I do usually but most people don't. But I do have to say I was very pleased with the dry time on GG. No it's not a 10 minute and you're out the door topcoat, but I usually keep myself busy editing and such for at least an hour after manicures anyways so this allows plenty of time. I would say about 10-15 min after application it was dry to the touch and then I didn't check it till about an hour total had passed and it was completely dry but I can guess it was probably completely dry around the half hour mark and that's over four other layers of polish! Basecoat, 3 coats of color, topcoat. I'd say that's pretty good! But remember everything will react different on other people. Seems it works for me. 

Now for smearing, I really couldn't tell you because clearly I have not done any sort of nail art here. If I use it in the future with nail art I will let you know. But there is no shrinkage or bubbling which is always a plus in my book! I will have to update you later on it's longevity and it's resistance to chipping.

It's a good topcoat, it does it's job. But is it above and beyond all other topcoats? No. It didn't blow my socks off. 

If you'd like to try Glossy Glam for yourself it can be purchased here

Stay tuned for a special announcement involving Barbie Barf probably within the month!!!!

xo, Colleen

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