Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Born Pretty Store - Studs Review

Hi everyone! I recently had the opportunity to review a set of studs from Born Pretty Store. I had been lemming for months seeing everyone using studs in their manicures and I don't know why I never bought some, so when I was given a choice of something to review from Born Pretty Store, of course I jumped at the chance to get some studs!

This is the specific set I chose:
It contains a mix of different gold and silver and even a black set of studs ranging from hearts, squares, stars, rounds and more! If you've never tried studs before this is the perfect set to try a variety of looks. It only costs $3.99 and it's FREE SHIPPING! And stay tuned to the end for a special coupon code to get an even better deal on these studs and anything else you want at Born Pretty Store! Shipping will take a little longer than most of you are probably used to, because they are based in Hong Kong/Singapore but you can't beat it for free shipping! Mine did arrive in about a weeks time maybe a little bit longer which isn't bad at all.

Now on to all the nail art designs that I've done using some of the different studs in this set! Enjoy!

The first look that I did was this edgy black and coral manicure using the silver squares in the set. They are a little large for my nails and do stick up a little bit on the sides but I really don't mind because the minute I put this look together I fell in love. For this particular design I just placed the studs over topcoat and sealed the whole thing with another layer of topcoat. Obviously with studs this large they will not stay with that method. So I'd recommend placing them on top of a drop of nail glue to secure them. You can find my original post for this manicure here:

The second look I did using this stud set, was this gorgeous floral design accented with the small round gold studs. I loved this one so much! This time around I did use nail glue to secure the studs and then sealed the entire nail with a topcoat and they lasted 4 days before I lost one. These did not snag on my clothes or my hair. These are probably my favorite ones in the set only because they are the easiest to work with. This is also one if my favorite manicures to date! You can find my original post of this manicure here:

The third design I put together was this black and gold rocker chic look. I used the gold diamond stud as an accent. I really liked this one as well. It's large but it's not bulky and lays pretty flat to the nail. I also used nail glue to secure it. You can find my original post of this manicure here:

And the last look that I have to show you (but certainly won't be the last time I use these studs) is this sweet autumn inspired manicure. I used the large heart stud in the set. It does stick up off the nail and will be prone to snagging on things. If anyone has any tips and tricks to solve this sort of problem with larger studs please let me know. You can find my original post for this look here:

I officially have fallen in love with studs! Even though some of the larger ones aren't very practical for everyday wear, they can turn any average manicure into something unique and eye catching. I will definitely be getting new and different ones in the future. And I can't wait to use the rest of the selections in this set.

Now onto something special for you guys!!! Born Pretty Store has provided me with a coupon code to share with you guys!!! Use code PIBQ10 for 10% off your entire purchase of anything you want from Born Pretty Store!!! You have to take advantage of this great deal! They already have very reasonable prices and now you can get an even better deal! Don't wait, get your fun nail accessories now!


DISCLAIMER: Items featured in this post were provided to me for the purpose of review. These are my 100% honest opinions. I was not compensated in any way nor am I affiliated with Born Pretty Store.

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