Sunday, October 6, 2013

Doctor Lacquer Swatches

Today I have a few swatches for you from Doctor Lacquer! These polishes are from two different collections, The Elements of Style Collection and The Hormonal Efficiency Collection. Both collections launch Thursday 10/11!!!

This collection is made up of beautiful glitter crellies to help you remember your elements (in a flame test), with style! What a fun theme for a polish collection!

Is a white crelly base with multi-sized pastel hexes, squares and pastel dots! Element 12, MAGNESIUM, burns bright white in a flame test. Here is three thin coats plus topcoat. Applied really nicely, and what I usually prefer with white crellies are ones that aren't overwhelmed with glitter, because they start to look "clumpy" if you will. I love the distribution in this. Really lovely and delicate. I hate that my camera has kind of washed this out though :(

A bright orange crelly with multi-sized purple, teal and turquoise squares, hexes and dots! And it's black light reflective which I did not originally know. so I will update this post later when I can swatch it again in the dark to use my black light. Sorry guys! (I'm a failure, tell me you still love me?) Anywho, element 20, CALCIUM, burns orange to red in a flame test. Again this did apply really nicely! The glitters had settled a little bit so I did stick a toothpick in to swirl them around and then I was able to shake it up just fine. This is two coats plus topcoat.

A lime crelly base filled with various pastel, white and iridescent glitters! Including bars which are optional. Just choose "I love bars" or "I hate bars" on the website before adding it to your cart. But as you can see I only got one bar during application. Element 56, BARIUM, burns apple green in a flame test. This isn't normally a color I would go for but it's amazing! Who doesn't love iridescent glitters?! Here is two easy coats plus topcoat. Actually applied really smoothly and great coverage of glitter!

A gray crelly base with fuchsia, violet and purple holo hexes and dots, with gray microglitters throughout. Element 19, POTASSIUM, burns lilac to red in a flame test. I am SUCKER for grays! It's one of my favorite colors in general. The glitters had settled a bit in this as well so I used my toothpick technique to get them loose and then gave it a little shake. But it applied great and with no fishing at all. This is only two coats plus topcoat. I die! Phenomenal!!

Six thermal polishes that were made to represent the most famous of our many hormones. Just like what they represent, their colors change just like our moods do, but these of course react with temperature. I love thermals, they're so fun! It's like two polishes in one and a free gradient all at the same time!

A thermal crelly with lilac, lavender, magenta and purple hexes, squares and dots! Changes from orange (almost red) when cold and yellow when warm. Love how this looks!!! Here is three thin coats plus topcoat. Applied beautifully. My only qualm with this one is that I wish the cold effect lasted longer. They way I test thermals is by dipping my fingers in ice water. Even after submerging my fingers for a longer period of time, almost immediately after removing my hands it faded so quickly! So fast that I had to repeat it multiple times in order to get each picture. But this is stunning none the less! And the name is so appropriate. This polish makes me think of firemen who obviously get rushes of adrenaline all the time. 

A thermal crelly polish with green, light pink and strawberry pink hexes, dots and DOTS! Changes from purple when cold to pink when warm. There is some settling with this one so I did my toothpick technique again. This is two coats plus topcoat. Fishing was required for the larger dots but this seems to be common with mini bottles. The cold effect did last longer with this one though which is nice. I may be a sucker for grays, but I'm an even BIGGER sucker for large dot glitter! Ah, swoon! 

All of these polishes plus more will be available at on Thursday 10/11!!! There are a lot of other colors in both of these collections so be sure to check them out! Also be sure to follow Doctor Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram @doctorlacquer for shop updates, new releases, and special discounts! And I just love Angelyn's labels. They are so darn cute! Thanks girl!

xo, Colleen

DISCLAIMER: These polishes were provided to me for the purpose of review. These are my 100% honest opinions. I was not compensated in any way nor am I affiliated with Doctor Lacquer products. 


  1. I love how the glitter seems to glow in FASHION (MG)AZINE!

    1. I know huh! I wonder what it does under black light? I'm gonna have to wear it again and see.


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