Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Proceed with Caution!

Get ready to burn out your retinas! I don't think this polish is bright enough! *sarcasm*

Today I bring you a crazy one! The base color is Salon Perfect "Yowza Yellow". Two coats over white. It is very sheer and would take a lot of coats on it's own. It is much more neon in real life! I feel like a walking caution light! The glitter is Pure Ice "It's Complicated". Such a pretty standard glitter! Packed full of multi colored glitters. And on the chevron I have butterLONDON "Slapper". This is my second go around doing chevron with my new pinking shears. SOOOO much better this time! They're pretty much perfect! I cut the strips just the right size, used a different kind of tape, spaced them correctly, and used the right kind of nail polish. Success!

Woah baby!!! Do your eyes hurt yet?!

xo, Colleen


  1. Came here from Imperfectly Painted: Share with You Sunday. Wow this is such a cool manicure. New follower here :D

  2. Thanks dear! Glad you like it and followed! :)


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