Sunday, June 23, 2013

Inspired by Tennies

Summer, a friend of mine at work yesterday was wearing these amazing sneakers and I was like "I have to put that on my nails!" I tried to match the colors as best I could with what I had. It's not as bright and vibrant as her shoes but it's close. (And ps...I got new flourescent bulbs in my kitchen and I hate them. It's totally changed the tone of my photos. They must be different than what I had before. Luckily we're moving soon and I will have a different set up.)

I used Lime Crime "Pastelchio" and Essie "In The Cab-ana". The glitter is Love, Angeline "The Shorter, The Better". I did a gradient on my index and pinky, and of course I had to do some chevron striping! I had finished all my nails and was just staring at my thumbs! I had no idea what to do with them and I had already painted them teal. So I decided to just throw a cloud mani on those suckers! And I actually really love how these turned out!

Inspiration is all around us! 

xo, Colleen


  1. I use a daylight bulb lol and I have to adjust my camera for it. I still refuse to use a lightbox.

    1. I'm in an apartment right now and the fluorescent lights in my kitchen were perfect but one of them burnt out so they replaced them and I think the new ones a warmer tone and no matter how I adjust my white balance it still comes off warm! Grrr. I'm moving next month and will be creating a different set up. I don't use a light box either, currently I just have a piece of white paper taped to the wall lol. When I move I'm gonna make a dumbed down version of a light box and use a desk lamp. Hopefully it will be how I like it.


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