Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blue Chevron Tape Mani

So I FINALLY got pinking sheers! (if you don't know what they are, google it!) I could not wait to do a chevron look but as you will clearly see below, I definitely need some practice! First thing I noticed I did wrong was I made the strips too wide, but they seemed so small when I was cutting them. Haha. Second thing is placement. But now after doing it once, I see where they SHOULD have been placed. Third thing, is I picked a horrible polish to do this with. The polish itself isn't horrible, it's actually quite amazing but for working with tape not so much! I used Essie "bouncer, it's me" which is stunningly beautiful but it is a very sheer jelly and when working with tape you should use an opaque creme that you can do in one coat because you want to remove the tape right away. With this I had to keep going over it but it didn't turn out too bad. But practice makes perfect! I've already got some ideas floating around!

I used Essie "bouncer, it's me". On the solid nails it is three coats, on the chevron it's two thick coats, and my white base is Zoya "Purity".

Isn't it just the most amazing blue you've ever seen!!! I'm dead.

xo, Colleen

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