Monday, June 3, 2013

Floral Panties

And I don't mean undies! *chuckles* If you thought I meant panties as in 'my unmentionables', then you'd be correct! I always say "inspiration is all around us" and this just goes to show that is very true. This design was inspired by a pair of panties of mine. I would have posted a picture for reference but uh, you can use your imagination :)

All colors used:
China Glase "Secret Peri-wink-le"
Milani "Tip Toe Pink"
Sally Hansen "White On"
10 Professional "Twilight Nights"
OPI "Eurso Euro"

I love how these turned out!! If I wasn't following the pattern exactly I would have added some black dots or stems to the middle of the flowers but I wanted to stay true to the pattern. What do you guys think?

xo, Colleen


  1. I just did a panty mani two days ago but I posted the inspiration..ha

  2. Beautiful! I'm really into floral right now, I think I'll try this design out :)


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