Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Week In Instagram Pictures

Simple mix-n-match mani. On my index and pinky I'm wearing Essie - Fiji. On my middle finger is Zoya - Purity with Orly - Liquid Vinyl for the dots. And on my ring finger is Opi Liquid Sand - Stay The Night.

I posted swatches of the Mariah Carey Liquid Sand polishes by OPI. Click here to see full reviews and swatches of these.

Monday I also put together my first Helmer!! It's a lot smaller than I pictured in my head haha. But it's so much more useful and Fievel seems to approve :)

And later on that night I gave myself a nice fresh manicure after building and cleaning house and painted my nails with Orly - Cotton Candy. Although I don't think it looks anything like cotton candy. lol

My new phone case arrived!! I found it on Amazon. They have tons of styles!! Check them out!!

And then I got bored with my mani but didn't want to completely repaint my nails (I know...shocker!) so I added some hearts. Not my best work but whatevs. Also, when I first did this mani on Monday I tried out the Poshe top coat. Well you can see here it gave me major shrinkage!! For almost $10 I'll be returning this and just sticking with Seche Vite for now.

Seeing as Thursday was the 31st, it was the time for the first installment of the hashtag #monthlymanifavorites that I created!! Here were my top manis from January. My abstract watercolor nails, my leopard print mani, my feather nails inspired by Kaitlin Ferland, and of course my cupcake mani for my birthday!!!

xo, Colleen


  1. Girl your nails are gorgeous!! And as such, I nominated you for a Liebster award... See here:

    1. Omgosh thank you so much for nominating me!! I will do this very soon!! I don't know if I even know 11 blogs! I guess I've got some searching to do!

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