Friday, February 22, 2013

My Week In Instagram Pictures

Hi guys!!!!!!!! First off I wanna say I know I haven't had many blog posts lately other than my weekly Friday post and I apologize!! But I have a few ideas that I hope I'll be able to get up for you and hopefully some pictorials/tutorials too!! Ok now moving on. Here are my Instagram posts from this week! Enjoy!

I posted a collage of the new Sinful Colors Sugar Rush collection. Click here to see full review and swatches of this collection. 

I did the #manibeforeandaftertag. Top 2 are from about 4 months ago when I first started IG. Short, horribly acrylic damaged and misshapen nails. Dry, cracked cuticles. Shotty nail art and filtered photos. Bottom 2 were taken in the last 2 weeks. Long, strong natural nails. Clean, healthy cuticles. Good nail art and bright, unfiltered photos. We all start somewhere!

And then Tuesday evening me and @PolishedByTiff on IG did the #bestietwinnails tag. This was sooo fun! I picked the colors (hot pink, orange, yellow, and silver) and she picked the design (gradients and zebra) and this is what we each came up with!

Full photo of my mani.

I posted a full shot of Sinful Colors "Sugar Rush" cuz it's really the only one from that collection that I like. The rest are alright but I can live without them.

Bit of a "kitchen sink" mani. Not really sure where I was going with this but I think it came out cute. First time using actual striping tape. It's a bit of a pain!! But makes a really cute look!
Colors: Orly "Glitz & Glamour", Sinful Colors "Easy Going" and "Savage", and a mix of Fergie "Glamorous" & "Kaleidoscope Eyes" on the pinky.

That's it for this week! I promise I will have some other posts up soon!!!!

xo, Colleen

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