Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ikat Print: Pictorial

Alright guys, I finally have my first pictorial!!!!!!!! I hope you guys like it!! Today I'm bringing you Ikat Print nails! Such a fun easy design.

COLORS: Wet N Wild "I Need A Refresh-mint" and Sinful Colors "24/7"

All you need is a base color, black, white, and an accent color. I used a black striper and ended up switching to a white striper to be more accurate (sorry that a regular white polish is pictured). If you don't have striper polishes, you can use regular polish or acrylic paint with a small detailing brush.

  1. I always recommend starting with a base coat. I use OPI - Nail Envy but this is optional. Paint your nails 2 coats of your base color and let dry.
  2. Then add your accent color in various places on your nails leaving enough space in between for the black. (some I did a little too close but hey, it's my first time).
  3. Add your white polish in the center of your accent color leaving enough color showing on the sides. And you want the white to be jagged, not straight edges.
  4. Then add your black creating V shapes at the tips to make the Ikat print. The lines should also be jagged and "imperfect". Be sure to let your layers dry for 5-10 minutes so you don't smear your design when you apply your top coat.
  5. Finish with a top coat and your done!

This is so easy! Even for your non-dominant hand because you want this to be sort of "messy". You can choose any colors you want and change up the pattern. I've seen where it goes black, white, THEN the accent color and black again in the very center but I think it looks best with the accent color between the black and white but to each their own. Maybe I'll try the other way some time.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look and please let me know if this was helpful and if  you like this pictorial. If you feel I should change anything please let me know!

If you try out this look please share it to my facebook or tag me on Instagram @lusterlacquer and hashtag your photo with #lusterlacquer in case I miss the tag. I'd love to see your guys' designs!!

xo, Colleen

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  1. THIS IS AWESOME and I think you did a great job!! I'm going to try this next!!! I just uploaded a pictorial too! Check it out and tell me what you think!!!! xoxo, besoslaila


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