Friday, February 8, 2013

My Week In Instagram Pictures

This look ended up being entirely too difficult. The chevron nail I tried to do with tape which was a fail so
where it got messed up I had to fix with black and white stripers so it's not crisp at all and I'm not happy about it. lol.

SH XTREME WEAR: Mint Sorbet - White On - Black Out, ORLY - Dazzle, ESSIE - Set In Stones

I posted swatches of Love, Angeline's Love Always Collection. A new indie polish line launching 2/14. 
Click here to see the full blog post with review and get a special coupon code for 10% off!!!

I recently made a trip to Walmart and picked up some polishes and I reallllllllllly wanted to try this one out 
but wasn't really feeling inspired to do anything fancy. So a simple mani with 2 glitter accents.

RIMMEL - I Lilac You + REVLON - Stunning

Swatch of Revlon - Royal

Jelly sandwich with Revlon - Royal and Essie - Set In Stones

xo, Colleen

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