Monday, November 5, 2012

Mini Polish Haul!

I picked up a few polishes today while grocery shopping and I decided to share them with you! I would have like to have done swatches of these but I didn't want to remove what I'm currently wearing. So you'll just have to keep watch for future posts with these.

From left to right:
Pure Ice - French Kiss, Wet N Wild - Gray's Anatomy, Wet N Wild - Saved by the Blue, NYC - Matte Me Crazy

Pure Ice - French Kiss $1.97
I didn't have any true blues in my collection so I couldn't resist this when I saw it. It's a cream, no shimmer.

Wet N Wild - Gray's Anatomy $1.68
Recently I saw a picture on of Models Own - Indian Ocean and I fell in love with it but it is out of stock on the website and I don't know of anywhere I can buy it right now. So when I saw this I thought it was pretty similar so I snatched it up! It's sort of a duo chrome metallic of blue, green and purple. 

Wet N Wild - Saved by the Blue $1.68
This is a darker true blue color. I would say it's like a metallic but there is not shimmer. It kind of reminds me of OPI's - Tomorrow Never Dies from the Skyfall collection. I can't wait until my Zoya - Gilty arrives to pair it with this!

NYC - Matte Me Crazy $1.72
I haven't dabbled in the art of matte nails yet. So I decided to pick up a cheapy brand one to try it out. 

Hope you liked my haul! Stay tune for posts with swatches of these polishes to come!
xo, Colleen

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