Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blog revamp (again)!

Ok, so this blog has changed about 50 million times now and I've never kept up with it. Hopefully this one is here to stay! I have now created this blog to be all about NAILS! My love for beautiful natural REAL nails, nail polishes, nail tools, DIY tools, HOW-TO'S, nail care, products, tutorials, nail art, etc. All photos and art are MINE and are original unless otherwise noted. I may recreate looks that I have seen, if so I will credit the original owner. I may even feature some other bloggers or links to other places I've seen a nail look that I admire. So please bare with me while I get this going and hopefully I stick to this one! Also, I gave this blog a fresh, clean, simple look and I love it! Hope you do too :)

Also, here are other places where you can follow my work:

Instagram: @lusterlacquer
ManiDiaries: @LusterLacquer

Stay tuned lovies!!
xo, Colleen

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