Monday, November 18, 2013

Polish My Life - World Wind Affair Holiday Collection 2013

I don't think you guys are ready for this collection!!! Today I have the World Wind Affair Holiday Collection from Polish My Life! All of these have an amazing formula. Opaque in two coats, some only one! This collection screams chic, classy and regal.

"Polish My Life has taken a different approach in creating the World Wind Affair Holiday Collection. 
Inspired by the traditions in which her most favorite swatchers have roots in, the collection was born!" (Quote: Polish My Life)

Created after me! A wonderfully muted green creme. Amazing! I love that it's not a typical leafy green color. Here is two coats plus topcoat. I'm proud to call this mine :)

"In Ireland, the holly plant and Christmas go hand in hand! The holly is know as the 
"king of winter.  Be holly, jolly and merry!" (Quote: Polish My Life)

UNITY & PEACE - El Salvadore
Created after Verona @shadesofglitter. Step aside "Butler Please" there's another blue bombshell in town! Actually I don't own "Butler Please" so I don't know if it compares at all but I've heard it's formula is crap, so don't even bother. This beauty right here is the most amazing buttery formula!!! Wowwee! I can't stop staring. Here is two coats plus topcoat. Gorgeous!

"In El Salvador, the country's blue and white flag represents "God, Union and Liberty!" 
I thought this would be nice because we all look to have a united and peaceful country 
especially during the holidays!!" (Quote: Polish My Life)

Created after Gaby @lacquerloon. I feel like I don't even need to write anything on this one. It speaks for itself. Absolutely stunning. Spicy Poncha is actually a crelly, more on the jelly side. Here is two coats plus topcoat. This is that amazing classic red polish for the classiest of ladies.

"In Mexico, the traditional Christmas punch is called "ponche de navidad." 
I put a spin on it and created this delicious crelly!" (Quote: Polish My Life)

Created after Rachell @rachell_rachell. A beautiful dark maroon shade. Here is ONE coat NO TOPCOAT!!! Amazing!!! I've never had Borscht Soup before, I can't say that I've ever tried beets before either but now I wanna!

"In Poland, red borscht is a staple during the Christmas season! 
This beet soup is yummy in many tummies!" (Quote: Polish My Life) 

Created after Nicole @brackett0701. A stunning creamy nude. Although on me in pulled a little more yellow. Damn my Irish red skin tone! Haha. But this polish makes me feel so cozy! Reminds me of a fuzzy sweater :) Here is two coats plus topcoat.

"Even though we have history from all over the world, it's the USA that brought us together! 
Be in high spirits this year and enjoy this season with family and friends!  (Quote: Polish My Life)

Created after Bernadette @bdettenails. A gorgeous glitter topper packed full of different glitters from blue, red, green, gold and more! So so so pretty!!! I paired one coat here over Re-nude Spirit so that you could see each individual color of glitter but it will pair beautifully over anything! And the formula is perfect. Just the right glitter to base ratio. 

"In Puerto Rico, the beginning of the holiday season starts off with music and 
caroling throughout the streets of the island! This tradition is called 
'parrandas'." (Quote: Polish My Life)

Shaneka really hit it out of the park with this collection, as she always does. It's just perfection! Even though they're not traditional holiday/christmas colors it still somehow is perfect for any holiday all around the world! And how sweet of her to make polishes after us, her nail posse!

Pre-orders start on 11/22 at 10am EST!!! And be sure to sign up for Polish My Life Newsletter for IMPORTANT info on a pre-Black Friday sale through this page Official release date and pre-orders shipping day will be 12/2, time is TBD. Visit to order!

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DISCLAIMER: These polishes were provided to me for the purpose of swatch/review. These are my 100% honest opinions. I was not compensated in any way nor am I affiliated with Polish My Life products.


  1. First time ordering n a hunch and glad I did after your review!


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