Saturday, November 23, 2013

Noodles Nail Polish - Holiday Collection

Today I have a new to me indie polish line from Noodles Nail Polish. Today I'll be showing you her Holiday Collection!!!

A classic red polish with tiny micro gold flakes. Seriously guys.......this is ONE COAT!!!! Really??? I can't, absolutely stunning.

A reddish pink creme with a scattered holo. Seriously again...this polish...I just can't. I can't take it! ONE FRIGGIN COAT!!! First swipe and I was floored. You should have seen my reaction. "Holy s............!" AH-MA-ZING! I love a couple of the glitter bombs in this collection but I think I would definitely say this is my FAVORITE!!!! I mean, just look at it! You HAVE to HAVE this one!

A clear based glitter topper with various red, green and gold hex glitter and gold holographic moons. So fun and unique! Here is two coats over "Berry Festive" with a glossy topcoat...

...and you know I can't resist to matte everything, so here it is matte :)

I love this one! A mix of matte white glitters including hexes, circles and snowflakes!!! Also has small iridescent glitters throughout. This is so fun! It really does look like snow! Here is two coats over Zoya "Blu".

A clear based glitter topper with various green, gold, lilac and red glitters! It reminds me of when you take a slightly blurry picture of a lit Christmas tree and get that bokeh effect from the lights. Paired over a dark green base it looks like a really cool jelly! Here is two coats over Love, Angeline "Emerald City" with a glossy topcoat...

...and matte :)

Another favorite! A clear base glitter topper with various neon green and white matte hexes and red hearts! I wish it didn't so closely match my base so you could see the glitters better but this is just too cute! Two coats over Lime Crime "Pastelchio".

These are all available now at!!!! Go get 'em!

DISCLAIMER: These polishes were provided to me for the purpose of swatch/review. These are my 100% honest opinions. I was not compensated in any way nor am I affiliated with Noodles Nail Polish.


  1. Frosted Cranberry is stunning and, errm, one coat? Need!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! You have outdone yourself :) I love all your swatches!

    1. Awe thank you! It was such a pleasure! Great polishes!

  3. What beautiful colors! going to let my nails grow for the holidays! love all of them!

  4. That Frosted Cranberry is stunning - I might have to pick that one up. And I must say, I went back and looked at your nails after you removed the acrylic and looking at them now they are gorgeous. I just recently removed gel and am trying to get them to grow out using Duri Rejuvacote. The only problem I'm having is they keep chipping off the corners just when I think I'm getting some length going. Did you have that problem? Not sure if it's still just the damage growing out or the Duri. Wondering if I should switch to Nail Envy. Thanks - nice blog :-)

    1. Thank you! I found for me Duri is great for growth but not so much for strength. I loved Nail Envy for a very long time but I can't really use it anymore because my nails are so strong that it makes them curl inwards. But I would definitely give it a try. It was the only thing that saved my wretched nails. I noticed a difference as soon as I started using it. The strength was incredible. I used probably for a straight 3-4 months and then the curling started so I had to go to something else. I still use it every now and then when I feel like my nails need a little pick me up (which isn't often). But what I use now to maintain is Nailtiques Formula 1 and that's only maybe once a month I'll wear it for a couple days in a row. It took about 5 months to completely grow out all the damage. Try alternating Duri and Nail Envy to start. Like a week of Duri then a week of Nail Envy and if you're not happy with that then just use Nail Envy for a bit. I still use Duri on days where I'm not wearing polish because it peels off on me so there's no point to where it as my basecoat :/ It is amazing for growth though! Also, I take two 5,000 mcg pills of Biotin a day. I've done that since the beginning and I believe it is essential for overall nail health. Good luck!


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