Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Incoco Nail Polish Applique - First Impressions

Hi friends! So today I am calling this a "first impression" because I don't feel like my first attempt went over so well and I have not formed a final opinion. These are nail polish strips from Incoco. They are 100% real nail polish. You can watch their how-to video here. I have two other colors still to try and hopefully through trial and error I will get it down.

Each set comes with 16 strips of varying sizes for a perfect fit. But I found there were not exact sizes for some of my nails, especially my pinky.

I have never tried any sort of nail polish strips before so I did not have a knack for applying them. I followed the video but it was way harder for me. Anytime I tried to "stretch" it, it would break. In the video it looks like she stretches it a good amount but I just couldn't do that. Perhaps I hadn't warmed them up enough? The starting process is fairly easy and self explanatory. Peel, peel and place. Got it. Then came the pressing and stretching. I don't know if my nail beds are just too curved or they weren't the right size or if I just wasn't doing it correctly. I got wrinkles in almost all my nails except my middle nail. That one is the only perfect one. And most of them also broke while I tried to stretch them. And mind you, I barely pulled.

So I will give it another go with my other colors and see if I get better. I will post a final review in a few days hopefully.

This design is called Electric Wave

Wrinkles on my thumb.

You can see on my ring finger how it broke off and did not cover a good amount of my nail but it was the only size close enough. And also on my thumb where it tore off.

Wrinkles on my index.

Removal process is easy. Comes off with regular acetone/nail polish remover but it kind of gets all over the place. These strips also come with a removal cloth. A red velvet cloth soaked in remover. Seems great but little red lint pieces got everywhere and the cloth is not big enough for all 10 fingers. After just these 5 fingers it was really messy.

You can find these nail polish strips at They have a ton of designs and colors. If you've used nail polish strips before it should be a no brainer but for a beginner I think it will be quite difficult.

Maybe next time will be better.

xo, Colleen

DISCLAIMER: These products were sent to me for the purpose of review. These are my 100% honest opinion. I was not compensated in any way nor am I affiliated with Incoco products.

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  1. yeah, it's hard to wear polish stripes for the first time... but a little bit more practice (2-5 times more) and you can wear them perfect!

    but, anyway, it looks good!

    ps for polish stripes - it's no matter how curly your nails are... stripes are quite strech ;) all you need is practice!
    good luck! =)


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