Monday, August 5, 2013

Neon Leopard Print

So I was swatching some of the Island Girl polishes I got on my trip and when I got to this color I didn't want to take it off! This is "Sugar Cane" from Island Girl (although I have a green that is also called "Sugar Cane"). What the heck Island Girl? You're bottles are always mislabeled! Anywho, this is one coat over white. ONE COAT! *go ahead, do a double take*

Well of course I had to add something to it, so I did cheetah/leopard print (what's the difference?) *i don't really care so don't leave me a big long lecture on it* And then I threw on a matte topcoat for the heck of it. But I am loving this! Can't stop staring! The brightness just sucks me in!

I feel like a superhero walking around with glowing rays coming out of my fingertips. *LusterLacquer alter-ego in full force* haha

xo, Colleen

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