Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Cakespiration" #3!

So while trolling Pinterest I came upon this absolutely gorgeous cake and just had to put it on my nails! If I had this cake I wouldn't want to eat it. I would have it displayed in my house. Haha. Anyways....

This was my first time trying quilted nails! Let me tell you, it is WAY harder than it looks! I think it came out decently good but definitely isn't centered and I pressed too hard in some spots. Definitely need some practice with that one. But besides that, I hope you guys love this as much as I do! And I hope I did this cake justice.

I tried doing a google search for the photo to see where it originated from and who made it so I could credit them but I came up empty :/ Sorry!

I used SinfulSHINE "Wisp" and Essie "Set In Stones" for this entire look!

The cake and my nails :)
I didn't want to do any flowers or bows so I just did a glitter gradient. lol

I really really love this! But I'm gonna keep practicing my quilting :)
xo, Colleen

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  1. Amazeballs! Wish I had a 1/4 of the talent you do


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