Sunday, July 28, 2013

Candied Lustre Swatches

Hi you beautiful ladies! And gents if you're here too. Today I have some swatches for you of some really lovely polishes by Candied Lustre! Enjoy!

A light baby pink with silver shimmer. Sooo pretty! Three thin coats with topcoat.

A pinky red jelly with silver glitters and stars! 2 coats with topcoat. Probably could have gone for a third but I think it's gorgeous. And the stars were easy to get out. I love that the other glitters are subtle and kind of "sparse" if you know what I mean? It's not overwhelmed with glitter. Good job Bri!

A lime green shimmer. Two coats with topcoat.

Blue and green glitters in a clear base. One coat over Prickly Pear and topcoat.

A dusty blue shimmer. Again, love this one! Two coats with topcoat.

A blue jelly base with various black glitters and pieces. And it glows in the dark! Just give her a good charge under UV light and she glows bright! Three coats with topcoat.
In regular lighting

In the dark after being charged by UV light. Sorry for the blurriness. My camera is a douchebag. 

Hope you guys enjoyed these! They are all so so pretty! Her shop will reopen on August 3! Make sure to grab your favorites!

xo, Colleen

DISCLAIMER: These products were provided to me for the purpose of swatch/review. These are my 100% honest unbiased opinions. I was not compensated in any way nor am I affiliated with Candied Lustre products.

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  1. Star Berry is so cute! I don't know if it makes sense to call a polish cute though :)


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