Thursday, May 9, 2013

Island Girl Splatter

A very very sweet girl named Allie ( sent me some Island Girl nail polishes out of the kindness of her heart, just because she had accidentally bought duplicates. How sweet is that?! My first ever Island Girl polishes!!! These did not disappoint!! Some of the sleekest bottles of nail polish I've seen. And the formulas were awesome too!! I can't wait to get this summer when I go to Las Vegas.

In the United States Island Girl can only be found in Hawaii and Las Vegas. I'm glad I only live a few hours from Vegas cuz I'll probably never make it to Hawaii.

All of these formulas apply like a dream. Go on smooth and shiny but dry matte! And they were pretty decent to splatter with. Thank you so much Allie!

L-R: Sugar Cane, Aloha Dream, Aloha Paradise

I really love how my splatter came out this time around :)
Do you own any Island Girl nail polish? If so, what are your favorites? I'll be buying a lot this summer!

xo, Colleen

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