Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked these question over and over and I am sure there are a few I am missing but I wanted to put a list together because frankly, sometimes I get tired of answering them and some of them are so self explanatory, it's like "did you really just ask me that?"

I have to warn you that some of my answers might come off as 'bitchy' or 'rude' but some people just need to do their homework. So this is probably going to be a bit of rant because some things are just common sense. But I will answer all the questions with exactly what I do or use etc. If you've ever asked me any of these questions please don't get offended by the way I might answer them or think you're 'stupid' for not knowing. I do realize I have a lot of younger followers who just aren't educated yet so I apologize, but I will answer them how I want.

I'm sorry it's quite long!

Q. What topcoat do you use?
     A. This is probably my MOST asked question. 98% of the time I use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-
                Chip topcoat. Comes in a red bottle. It's my absolute favorite. On days where I'm having a
                swatching marathon, I use a couple different ones. Either Sally Hansen No Chip just because I
                don't like it but I might as well use it up, or NYC Extra Shiny Topcoat because it is really shiny,
                it's cheap and I don't mind using a lot of it. Or Seche Vite which is every one's favorite but I don't
                like it at all but I have it so I use it for swatching because it's going to come off right away.

Q. How do you shape your nails?
     A. Seriously? I hate this question. Like, you really don't know how shaping is done? Have you never
               gotten your nails done before? But whatevs, I use a glass nail file and just file straight across. I
               don't file the sides, I don't round the corners, just straight across. Think of it like scissors and your
               nails are like the edge of a piece of paper. How would you cut paper to achieve the shape you are
               going for? You want a straight edge, you cut straight. You want a circle/curve, you rotate the
               scissors. A nail file works the same way.

Q. What does your thumb look like?
       A. If I don't show my thumb in the picture, it's safe to assume it looks exactly like one of the other
               nails. If I have a different design on my thumb than any of the other nails I will show it. Nails are all
               about creativity. Get the basic feel of the manicure and do the thumb how you want.

Q. What do you use for your watermark?
     A. I use Gimp on my computer.

Q. How can I make my nails long and strong?
     A. This is going to be different for everybody. I can just tell you what worked for me. I did my own
               acrylics for 3 years and even though it was less damaging than going to a salon, my nails were still
               very thin and weak. At the beginning they did peel, break, and split for a long time. My baby,
               OPI Nail Envy, is my holy grail strengthener! I use it as my base coat every time I do a new
               manicure. It saved my nails. I put off buying it for a long time because I thought for how expensive
               it is, it can't be THAT great but it's worth every penny!!! So OPI Nail Envy is amazing for strength
               and growth but what I think is even BETTER for growth is Duri Rejuvacote. This didn't work as
               well for strength for me but it sure does make my nails grow fast! But on me it chips super fast so I
               don't use it very much. And it doesn't really matter right now because I am preferring my nails a bit
               shorter at the moment anyways. So that is what works for me but it might be different for you. I
               went through a lot of products before finding my saving grace so it might take some trial and error.
Q. Do you do features? Can I have a shoutout? SFS?
     A. I lumped this all into one because they are basically the same thing. NO, I DO NOT DO SHOUT
               OUTS!!!!!! Very very rarely, I will feature an account that I am a big fan of that I think deserves
               some limelight, but it is NEVER by request, SO DON'T ASK ME!!!! And SFS? NO! I don't
               need/want your shoutout...thanks.

Q. What color is that?
     A. I wish people would read!!!!!! I ALWAYS list what I am wearing in the comment/caption.
               Sometimes when it's a lot of colors I won't, but I will always say "more details on my blog" so
               please always make sure to check my blog first.

Q. Are you on YouTube?
     A. No, I am not.

Q. Where can I find/buy ____? And/or how much is it?
     A. Have you ever heard of Google? I don't know where you live and what is accessible to you. This
               will be different for everybody. And prices will change based on location. Just do a quick Google
               search for that product in your area or it might be something that's only available online, which
               Google will also tell you!

Q. How do you get a perfect line around the cuticle?
     A. It's called clean up. A small brush and acetone. The thing I can't stand the most about nail accounts
               is messy paint jobs!! If you want your account to succeed, clean up your act! LITERALLY!!
               Messy nails are not cute and you will not be taken seriously.

Q. Can you do my nails? Where are you located?
     A. Ok, let's be clear.....I AM NOT A NAIL TECHNICIAN! I do not do others peoples nails
               besides the occasional friend or family member. Even if you did happen to live close to me (which
               I wouldn't tell you), I will not do your nails!

Okay, so there you have it! My most asked questions. I'm sure there will be another one of these down the line but I think that's enough for now. Again, I don't mean to sound rude on some of my answers but seriously, use your brain.

xo, Colleen


  1. 'A nail file works the same way' made me laugh out loud.

  2. I ask where people buy stuff all the time lol... but only when they're like I bought 20 polishes for 10 bucks....I just gotta know where! lol

    1. Okay, well that's one thing. But to ask where to buy a specific polish or brand?.....Google! lol

  3. Bahahaha this made me chuckle. I live kind of close do my nails! I don't get questions like that but when I read them on other people's feed I'm always like really? You are on the internet! Use it!


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