Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Polish My Life - Le Top Coat First Impression

Exciting news!!!! Polish My Life has just released their brand new top coat!!!!

Website description:
"Le Top Coat is a BRILLIANT, high shine, chip resistant, FAST drying top coat! It's non-yellowing and can hold it's own against UVA/UVB elements. And another amazing benefit - NO shrinkage! This baby can withstand all things damaging to your nails! Normal wear & tear, work woes, accidental smudging (after 2-3 minutes of dry time), and whatever comes to mind! Complete dry time 4-6 minutes!"

I first used this during my swatch session of the new colors just released from Polish My Life and I'm currently testing it over the span of a few days on my current mani to test wear time. But here's my first impression....

I am LOVING it so far!! Amazing smooth glassy formula. Definitely high shine and dry time?...........I couldn't believe it! After about two minutes I gently brushed my finger across the surface to see how it was and there was no resistance at all, so I thought ok let me press down a little. I pressed down with my finger and I got fingerprint marks on the surface but in a blink of an eye they vanished! It was like a freaking memory foam mattress! I just kept doing it and couldn't believe it. Every time it would spring back to a smooth and shiny finish. I've NEVER seen that before. And in the midst of trying to get my camera ready to photograph I hit my nails twice on my lightbox and NOTHING! No knicks, no smudges, just perfection. Really remarkable. Tonight I used it over some nail art and there wasn't a single bit of dragging or smearing, and you'll see in my full review that I had some thicker parts of polish in my nail art that can lead to smearing but Le Top Coat passed that test! I haven't noticed any shrinkage so far either. 

When I finish my wear test after these next couple of days I will do a full review of Le Top Coat. But I don't see it disappointing me! And for only $7, it's definitely comparable to all the "favorites" out there.

If you want to pick up your own bottle of Le Top Coat visit http://www.polishmylife.com/ now!!

DISCLAIMER: Press samples sent for review. These are my 100% honest opinions. I was not compensated in any way nor am I affiliated with Polish My Life products.

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