Saturday, June 28, 2014

Watermelon Nails

HELLOOO!!!! I've missed you all and I've missed doing my nails!! I never really explained on here why I've been M.I.A. Basically life is one chaotic stress pit right now and I've been taking a little hiatus from the nail world. I go days at a time without polishing my nails. **GASP**

But anyways, we are having a family BBQ/pool party/birthday party today and I HAD to have my nails done! I've been waiting for summer to do some watermelon nails! I just think they are so cute, and who doesn't love watermelon in the summer!!

So again, really sorry I haven't been around. Hope you all understand!

For this mani I used "Big Apple Sunset" (red) and "Stripped" (white), from Polish My Life and the rest is all acrylic paint. Then I topped it all off with a GENEROUS layer of topcoat and capped my tips (which I never do) in an attempt to really seal in that acrylic paint since I'll be in the water all day. Let me know if you guys like this?! Hope everyone's having a fun summer so far!

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