Saturday, April 20, 2013

Untrieds Week

So I decided to swatch some of my untrieds for a whole week or maybe just 5 days. LOL. I thought a week would be no problem but it's only Day 1 and I am itching for some nail art! I have so many ideas in my head just trying to burst out!! Including another design for Autism Awareness. But it will all have to wait. I don't know how often I'll be doing this, I just can't bare it! (Ok miss dramatic, get a hold of yourself!) So, here we go!

First up is Revlon "Popular". This is 3 coats. How have I never worn this before! It is the perfect princess polish. A pale pink jelly base with silver micro-glitter and hex glitter throughout. It is it's own jelly sandwich! 

This was an unexpected look. In the wake of the tragedy that happened in Boston on Monday there was a tag started to paint your nails purple on Tuesday April 16, in support of those wounded or family members lost in the explosions. But I still did use an untried! This is Confetti "Centerstage" I don't know if you can tell but there is an amazing blue duochrome in this. Really pretty! And the accent is a purple Kiss striper which I had also never used before. Admittedly the silver sparkles I have used before, but this was look was an exception. It is a StripeRite stiper. I have used rhinestones many times before but never these colors.

Next up is NYC "Times Square". Such a beautiful red and great formula!!

And lastly is Revlon "Girly". Technically I have tried this once before but it was only on one nail and it was layered over something else. So I wanted to enjoy it it's true beauty! This is 3 coats and then I topped it with China Glaze "Matte Magic" which I am trying for the first time and I quite like it!

Untrieds Week is officially over!!!!! Yes! Haha. Get ready for some nail art guys!!

xo, Colleen

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  1. I love all of those colors! What do you think of the kiss stripers? I am in the market for some inexpensive stripers (I want to buy quite a few colors) and was wondering the best brand in your opinion :)


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