Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Zoya Three Free Offer....plus 2

Hi guys!! I'm back!! Hope every had a great holiday season!! Now let's get down to business!! I'll be reviewing some Zoya nail polishes today. From January 7 -13 Zoya was running an offer for three free polishes just had to pay shipping. Zoya polishes run at $8 a piece so this was a great deal! Wasn't about to pass it up. Shipping was only $10. Here are the three that I ordered.

L-R: Zuza, Ali, Maisie

Zuza is a turquoise with gold and silver metallic shimmer and has a foil-like finish. It is rated as Intensity 5 which I would agree. I applied 2 coats but you could get it completely opaque in one coat.

Ali is a very bright neon hot pink creme. Rated Intensity 5 which I agree. Completely opaque in one coat although I applied two. 
Kind of an OCD thing for me. Haha.

Maisie is a fleck topcoat with blue and green flakies in a sheer turquoise base. Don't know what it's Intensity is, it's no longer on the website. But I would imagine 1 or 2. The base is sheer enough that it doesn't really change the color of what undie you're wearing. Here is one heavy coat of Maisie over OPI - Russian Navy.

Now the next two polishes were given to me as birthday presents from my mother in law (my birthday was yesterday) but I decided to go ahead and include them in this post. Sorry for the crappy photo. Could not capture these at all.

Julie is from the Spring 2013 Lovely Collection. It is a soft metallic purple with a subtle shimmer. Rated Intensity 5. I would say more of a 4. Definitely two coats to get opaque (I wanted to do 3). This is a gorgeous color but so hard to photograph!!

Neely is also from the Spring 2013 Lovely Collection. It is a dusty mint green in a glossy creme finish. Very pretty, feminine shade described as "a fun color in a muted finish gives a cool vintage edge to your look." -Zoya
2 coats

Sorry I've been gone for so long. I will definitely be updating more! Hope you enjoyed these reviews and maybe you see something you like!!

xo, Colleen

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