Thursday, April 24, 2014

Polish My Life - A Time To Chill Collection

SURPRISE!!!!!! I have almond nails now!!! And I LOVE them! What do you guys think? I still want to grow them out some more and maybe go into more of a stiletto shape but I will ride these for awhile! If you follow closely on Instagram, you know I still have silk wraps on my index and middle for the breaks. Hopefully they'll be grown out soon!

Anyways, moving on to why you're here! Today I have the newest collection from Polish My Life called the "A Time To Chill" Collection, made up of gorgeous pastel cremes with neon undertones. I love all of Polish My Life polishes, but I must say this is my favorite collection yet!!! I just die for these colors! And they're absolutely perfect. Pre-sale starts April 25 and goes through April 27. Depending on demand it may be extended. There will be 20% off during pre-sale for the set and individual bottles. Use code CHILLTIME. Official collection release is May 2!

A stunningly bright but pastel green. So smooth and flawless. This is two coats plus topcoat. I will be wearing these polishes over and over and over! I think I'm gonna have to buy backups! LOL!

Shut the front door! Seriously?! Just look at it. LOOK AT IT! The most perfect pink on the planet. I can die happy now. Absolutely gorgeous. Is it weird that I get this excited over nail polish? lol. Again, formula is amazing! Shaneka never puts out anything but perfection. This is two coats plus topcoat.

Uhhhh why?! I can't, I just can't. I think my favorite from the collection! It's just such a rare color and looks phenomenal on! And it speaks for itself. This is ONE COAT y'all!!!!! Plus topcoat. Dead.

Seriously? I'm gonna pass out from excitement. The most perfect pastel neon peach. I love this even more than my JulieG 9to5 polish. And the formula is WAYYYYY better!!! Absolutely no streaks, completely smooth and buttery. This is two coats plus topcoat.

I am such a sucker for these baby blues!!! I'm gonna say it again, THE MOST PERFECT powdery baby blue. It's bright, it's pastel, it's perfection. I have been searching for a color like this for a long time and everything is either too light or too minty. But this is spot on!!! Two coats plus topcoat.

This is my favorite collection yet from Polish My Life!! I'm just a sucker for these soft but vibrant shades! They're all my favorites!!! I'm sad they're isn't more! I just wanted to keep going! lol. You can't miss your chance to get these! They are LIMITED EDITION! Get them at!!!

DISCLAIMER: Press samples sent for review. These are my 100% honest opinions. I was not compensated in any way nor am I affiliated with Polish My Life products.


  1. Your new nail shape is so fabulous! And beautiful swatches, too, of course!

  2. LOVE your new nail shape! So fab :)

    Love these colours too, I could see myself wearing all of them!


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